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Esox Assault Tackle “Attack the Water” available here!

Check out our full line of Esox Tackle here

A short description of Esox Tackle:
Esox Assault Tackle is a family run business founded in early 2011 by Rick Albers and Brian Skaife that strives to offer the highest quality pike and musky lures and tackle available.

Rick Albers is a dedicated and accomplished archer who has pursued big game of all kinds the world over. He has found that these skills of big game pursuit translate nicely into the world of hunting for big Esox. After all, in the world of fishing, a trophy musky is more hunted for than fished for. He brings the passion for the pursuit of these monster fish to the field of lure making by producing some of the finest double bladed inline spinners on the market.

Brian Skaife is a multi-species angler with over 11 years of experience in the fishing tackle industry.  His passion is pursuing almost anything that swims, from panfish on small inland lakes, to the salmonoids of the Great Lakes. But when it comes down to it, big pike and muskies top his list.

Here at Esox Assault Tackle, our goal is to make the best lures and tackle available. We have spent many days, weeks and months testing our products and the components we use, always striving for perfection. You will see that the EA line of double bladed inline spinnerbaits are built slightly different than the traditional double bladed bucktail. The holographic Mylar is put onto a weighted skirt collar that distributes more of the weight to the rear of the lure making the lure much easier to cast. In addition, the skirt collar spreads out the holographic Mag Flash Mylar and brings it to life when the lure is being retrieved.

All of our blades are solid brass plated in nickel, gold or copper to give maximum flash. All colored blades are plated nickel with a brilliant translucent finish giving you the flash of nickel along with the color.  The translucent finish also has the advantage of being much more durable than a painted blade.

The 0.051” stainless steel wire we use to make our baits was chosen for some very important reasons. With less friction than a larger diameter wire, the blades spin faster and give the optimal vibration to call in the big ones. Plus, after an epic battle of Esox proportions, the 0.051” wire is easier to straighten and get back in tune.

We take great pride in our EA line of double bladed inline spinnerbaits and would like to thank you for using them on your next fishing assault.

Team Esox Assault

“Attack The Water”

Check out our full line of Esox Tackle here

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